Heat Pumps: A potential for higher efficiency


You may have heard talk about heat pumps before, but the big question everybody’s asking is: what are they? A heat pump is an alternative to a traditional air conditioner that’s considered “greener” and possibly more efficient.

A heat pump works exactly how it sounds; when it needs to warm a house, it takes warm air from outside and pumps it into the house. Similarly, when the home needs to be cooled, the heat pump reverses the flow, taking heat from the house and pumping it to the outside. It’s not as immediately gratifying as the air conditioner, but It doesn’t utilize as many chemicals or gas, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to your home’s HVAC needs.

Like air conditioners, heat pump efficiencies are measured in SEER. A heat pump with 16 SEER will be both efficient and quieter than the lower SEER models, leading to better functionality and a more pleasant presence in your home. Similar to an electric car, heat pumps can also run off electricity or gas to heat or cool your home, if needed. The heat pump itself determines which is more efficient, and acts accordingly.


While heat pumps may not be the best choice for climates that are extreme, they’re perfect energy savers in moderate climates. Make sure to get an ENERGY STAR approved pump for maximum efficiency—the money you put into it will more than pay itself back when it comes to your energy costs!

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